Prepare to Mysteriously Fall in Love With Chad in Every One of His Saturday Night Live Skits


Ever met a person who just has so much game without anyone ever knowing why? Saturday Night Live nails this phenomenon through its digital shorts featuring Chad, the heartbreaking slacker who replies to everything with his catchphrase "OK." There's no greater purveyor of inexplicable BDE than this classic SNL character, except maybe Pete Davidson himself. While Davidson has given us many hilarious sketches, we'll never forget him as this deadpanning ne'er-do-well with a love for inappropriate jokes and goofing off. While you might think twice before dating Chad, not even Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Chastain can resist the wiles of this dopey millennial. Ready to watch every hilarious Chad sketch in existence? OK, scroll ahead!

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"Pool Boy" With Julia Louis-Dreyfus (2016)

In the first-ever Chad short, Miss Handler (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) carries on a hot and heavy affair with her utterly clueless pool boy Chad. Spoiler alert: things don't end happily ever after with Chad, but she does have a rebound in the form of certified hottie Nick Jonas (aka the musical guest)!

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"The Chosen One" (2017)

While passively playing a video game, Chad discovers a Narnia-esque world in his closet. According to a queenly and bejeweled Cecily Strong, he's the Chosen One, destined to bring them out of the icy throes of Winter.

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"Bachelor Auction" With Saoirse Ronan (2017)

In a bachelor auction, of course Chad is going to be the most eligible bachelor. A group of ritzy ladies (Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, Saoirse Ronan, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong) enter a bidding war for the notorious Club Pro Shop employee and parking-lot vaper. You definitely don't want to miss Davidson's "Doink Doink" dance or his Jim Carrey impression!

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"Office Hours" With Benedict Cumberbatch (2017)

Benedict Cumberbatch plays an engaged and devastatingly handsome professor who finds himself drawn to Chad's mysterious charms as they discuss Cartesian logic. Chad, being Chad, coasts by this awkward office hours session with a clueless ease.

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"Doctor's Orders" With Jessica Chastain (2018)

Chad's doctor (Jessica Chastain) falls for him right after saving his life. Chad doesn't give her his heart, but he does hand her his bedpan.

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"Chad Horror Movie" With John Mulaney (2019)

Could you imagine Chad as the Drew Barrymore character from Scream? Well, imagine no more. John Mulaney plays Ghostface, and it's safe to say he's very irritated with Chad's breezy attitude and sloppy eating habits.

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"Chad's Journey" With Adam Sandler (2019)

Mikey Day, a literal angel, ushers Chad to heaven just when the doctors are trying to resuscitate him after he microwaved a fork. If you thought Chad was derpy, meet his late father, Brad, who's played to perfection by Adam Sandler.

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"Chad & JLo" With Jennifer Lopez (2019)

Not even Jennifer Lopez can resist Chad, a roadie on her tour. Watch until the end for a very special cameo from her IRL fiancé, Alex Rodriguez!

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"Chad in a Haunted Mansion" With Adele (2020)

In this special Halloween edition, Chad finds himself entering a haunted mansion after his car breaks down. Begging to be avenged after her husband murdered her, a ghost gives Chad the proof in the form of a letter . . . and he immediately burns it. He remains unbothered by the spine-chilling events, and let's just say things don't turn out too well for our Chad in the end.