Pitbull Sampled Toto's "Africa" in a New Song For Aquaman — I'm So Sorry, You Read That Right

Ladies and gentlemen, you wanted a Pitbull track that samples Toto's 1982 classic, "Africa," and you finally got it . . . HA, just kidding. No one asked for that, but it happened anyway!

On Dec. 13, the Cuban-American rapper released his song "Ocean to Ocean," which is featured on the new soundtrack for the upcoming Aquaman movie. The song, which is a modern rendition of the Toto hit, has garnered quite a bit of attention online. And people have, er, thoughts. "R.I.P. Africa by Toto 1982-2018. It was all fun and games till Pitbull got his hands on you. You will be missed, you blessed tune," said one Twitter user. Another unimpressed user chimed in, saying, "In these dark uncertain times this is the song we didn't need." Ouch.

But not all of the reactions were scathing. We searched far and wide and dug through the itty-bitty crevices of the Twitter-sphere (and even kept scrolling past the message "Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content") to find people who actually liked the song and appreciated the rapper's new tune. So go ahead and listen to the track above (or don't — it's up to you), then read some of the hilarious reactions to it ahead.

Those Who Weren't Really Feeling the Song:

Those Who Found It in Their Hearts to Enjoy the Song:

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