"Power Book II": Method Man's Davis MacLean Gets Grilled By the Feds in This Exclusive Season 3 Clip

The pressure is on and things are getting intense as the end of "Power Book II: Ghost"'s third season nears. For much of the season, viewers have watched Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) and his drug network — Brayden, Effie, the Tejadas (Monet, Cane, Diana, and Dru), and their connect Noma — dodge the feds as they've moved (most of) their enterprise to Wall Street and new territory. However, the looming RICO investigation threatens to take the whole crew down. And now Tariq and the Tejadas' attorney, Davis MacLean (Method Man), has found himself in trouble for aiding their illegal activities, too.

POPSUGAR has an exclusive look at this week's ninth episode, in which Davis gets grilled by ADA Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook) and Detective Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) at a police precinct for his shady business that got Cooper Saxe murdered, as well as for getting caught tipping off Diana about their RICO case. In the clip, Jenny tells him, "We think you made Saxe as our CI (criminal informant) and fed Diana false information to give Saxe, then you had Theo, who already took the weight once for you, kill Saxe."

After a heated exchange, she then tells Davis, "Saxe's blood is on your hands." To which he says, "If you're looking for someone to blame Saxe's death on, look in the f*cking mirror."

Thus far, season three has been full of shocking deaths, surprise character returns, and plenty of mind-blowing action. But the lead-up to the finale promises a ton more epic drama that'll unfold, especially since season four has already been confirmed. Despite a leak of "Power Book II"'s final two episodes, the show will still air the rest of season three through May 26 as scheduled. Watch a sneak peek of the penultimate episode above.