A Bridgerton-Style Dating Show Is in the Works, and I Have Many Questions, Dear Reader

Feeling frustrated with modern-day dating? Wish you could swap "Netflix and chill" for "promenade and chill"? Still searching for a duke or duchess that'll waltz the night away with you? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Peacock might have the solution you're looking for. The streaming service just announced a new Regency-style dating series titled Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance, and it sounds like a mashup of Bridgerton and The Bachelorette, if you're into that sort of thing.

The forthcoming reality show will transport a swath of noble suitors and one lucky "heroine looking for her duke" to a castle on the countryside in an international location, where carriage rides, lavish balls, archery contests, and some good ol' 19th-century-inspired romance will ensue. In sum, the group will be "immersed in a time-traveling quest for love," as a press release states, and casting is open right this very moment. Details beyond that are under wraps for the time being, so naturally, my imagination has had no choice but to run wild with thoughts and questions, which I've documented in detail below.

  • First and foremost, will the cast have to dress in Regency-style clothing the whole time? Because whew, simply thinking about squeezing into a corset while trying to win over a potential partner sounds downright exhausting, IMO.
  • Will there be a host? Perhaps a Lady Whistledown-inspired person who delivers anonymous updates to the cast via gossipy newspaper articles? I'm very here for that.
  • Will all male suitors need to have exaggerated sideburns, à la the Bridgerton brothers, to be accepted on the show?
  • Not a question, but rather a demand: there absolutely must be a sexy spoon-licking contest. It's what the people want — nay, need.
NBC via Giphy
  • Apparently one of the activities will be "crafting handwritten letter for communication" . . . will they be writing said notes with a feathered quill or just a regular Bic pen from Staples?
  • The press release also mentions that the leading lady will have help from "her court" in deciding "who most deserves to vie for her heart." Who is this court they speak of? Her close friends from home? Family members? Random paid actors wearing top hats and ball gowns?
  • Approximately how many people do we think will pretend to have British accents to go along with the setting? 'Cause I'd likely give my fake one a go by accident if I were feeling really immersed in the situation, ya know? Just me?
  • Will cast members have to take waltz dance lessons or hit up the modiste before embarking on their journey for love? Oh, or perhaps those outings will be incorporated into a date or challenge.

Any and all interested parties who are 21 or older can apply to be on Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance by filling out Peacock's 50-question application online before July 16. Filming is tentatively set to take place from Aug. 23 and Oct. 8. Best of luck, dear reader!