The "Queen Charlotte" Cast Survived Filming in "One of the Hottest Summers Ever" with "Armpit Pads"

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The historical world of "Queen Charlotte" — the first "Bridgerton" spinoff series — is so sumptuous that fans might wish to spend a day there. But the "Queen Charlotte" cast tells us there is one downside to wearing heavy, luxurious costumes on the gorgeous sets: It gets really hot!

"We got one of the hottest summers ever," Sam Clemmett, who plays Young Brimsley, tells POPSUGAR. One way they beat the heat was by having cooling tents right off set, where they could get a blast of cold air in between takes. Arsema Thomas, who plays young Lady Danbury, says she would have to "take off bits" of her costume when it was "extremely hot," but that the costume department also gave her "arm pit pads" right in her dresses to soak up the sweat. She calls herself a "very sweaty person."

India Amarteifio, who stars as young Queen Charlotte, says her main sweat relief came in the form of ice packs, which she would sometimes put down her dress. The costume department would also pin up her skirts to get some "wind" to cool her off.

Golda Rosheuvel, who plays the oldest and most glamorous version of Charlotte, tells POPSUGAR, "Whenever we stop filming, my dresser and makeup, they are on hand with electric fans." That's treatment fit for a queen.

Rosheuvel also tells POPSUGAR that — unlike her younger costars — she doesn't have any mementos from the "Bridgerton" and "Queen Charlotte" sets, but she would love "one of those huge tea sets" the queen uses. Corey Mylchreest, who plays young King George, kept a very regal accessory: George's "G" signet ring. Amarteifio only kept a sign with her name on it, she tells POPSUGAR.

Freddie Dennis, who plays Reynolds, the King's secretary, says that he kept one of Reynolds's shirts, and he actually wears it out and about pretty frequently. But he's very jealous of what Clemmett made off with — a pair of Brimsley's gloves in "prim, proper condition."

Watch the video above for more from the "Queen Charlotte" cast, including how they feel about a possible season two.

"Queen Charlotte" is streaming now on Netflix.