The Kids in the It Remake Didn't Even See Pennywise Until This 1 Scene

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After less than a month in theaters, the incredible It remake has become one of the most successful horror movies ever. Within two weeks of its release, it outgrossed the Exorcist, which is the reigning champ in terms of total box office earnings. There's a sequel in production, and yes, we've already cast the adults. With the added funny reactions to the movie, the hilarious dancing Pennywise meme, and some very early Halloween planning, the movie is clearly more than just a cult hit.

With a third weekend of success looming for the horror juggernaut, Warner Bros. has released a behind-the-scenes video that details how the crew brought Pennywise to life. In the clip, Bill Skarsgard explains his method behind the madness while director Andy Muschietti explains a bit of extra work he put in to make the horror very real. For instance, he kept the demonic clown's final look a secret from the seven kid stars for as long as possible so that it would be that much scarier when they finally came face to face.

In other words, the moment the gang of "Losers" first laid eyes on Pennywise was actually caught on camera. Remember the horrifying projector scene, where It seems to possess the projector and then climb out of the screen? That was actually the moment the kids first beheld Pennywise in all his glory. Jeremy Ray Taylor, who plays Ben, says the projector scene got all the stars' "real reactions," while Finn Wolfhard (aka Richie Tozier) revealed that the whole ordeal left him "so freaked out." Clearly, we're going to have to see the film again to truly appreciate that scene's brilliance.