We've Got Thoughts About Which Song Rihanna Will Open the Super Bowl Halftime Show With

On Sunday night, fans all across the country will be tuned in watching a field in Arizona, where one of this year's most exciting events will be taking place: Rihanna's 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. Oh, and the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will be providing pre- and post-concert entertainment.

Since Rihanna's big gig was announced last fall, members of the Navy have been speculating about which additions to her beloved discography she'll perform live — especially since it's been years since the multihyphenate has taken the stage. It sounds like Rihanna, too, has been struggling with how to narrow down her plethora of hits into a tight set list. She said during a Feb. 9 Apple Music press conference about the halftime show that trying to "cram 17 years of work into 13 minutes" is "difficult." She promised, though, that the show "is gonna be a celebration of my catalog in the best way we could've put it together."

And while we now know she has 13 minutes of music planned, many are still pondering exactly how she'll kick the evening off. That first song — those first notes, even — set the tone for the entire show. Fans are so curious, there's even prop betting about which track will start the show. According to Bet Arizona, "We Found Love," her 2011 track with Calvin Harris, has a 28.6 percent chance of being first. "Diamonds" from 2012 is close behind with a 25 percent chance, tied with 2017's "Wild Thoughts."

The musically inclined minds at POPSUGAR absolutely have some guesses about that starting moment, but even we aren't aligned on which track will begin the festivities. Read ahead for our editors' thoughts on which song will start Rihanna's Super Bowl 2023 halftime show.

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"Lift Me Up"

Rihanna's only new release in many years, "Lift Me Up" is almost guaranteed a spot in her set list. But Eden Gordon, a POPSUGAR celebrity and entertainment assistant editor, has a vision of it being first: "I could see her starting with a slowed-down version of 'Lift Me Up' that goes into 'Umbrella.'"

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"We Found Love"

The prop betting has "We Found Love" at the top of the leaderboard, and so does Jessica Andrews, POPSUGAR's senior fashion director. "'We Found Love' is more just my personal pick and favorite song ever," she says, noting "Umbrella" and "Diamonds" are also strong contenders.

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Chiara Nicole Gero, a POPSUGAR social content producer, is backing "Diamonds." "That's such a popular song of hers, and it has a great opening opportunity for being a cappella," she says. Breaking News Associate Director Kelsey Garcia agrees: "The second you hear that 'Shine bright like a diamond,' you know it's about to go down."

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"Run This Town"

Rihanna's collabs with JAY-Z are nothing short of iconic, so how epic would a surprise appearance from Hova be? "Run This Town" — which has been featured in some of the halftime-show promo materials (a hint?) is Perri Konecky's guess for the first song. The breaking news associate director notes the 2009 track is the "ultimate pump-up song and perfect Super Bowl entrance song." Who else agrees? POPSUGAR Senior Creative Strategist Jon Randhawa.

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Another JAY-Z-Rihanna moment that would be unforgettable on the State Farm Stadium field. Imagines POPSUGAR Social Media Strategist Charisandra Perez, "'You can stand under my umbrella' *fireworks* 'ella, ella' *fireworks* 'eh, eh, eh.'" We can hear it now!

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"Unexpected" intro track? POPSUGAR Beauty Director Kelsey Castañon suggests "Desperado" from 2016. "Obviously a little more unexpected, but still a bop nonetheless," she says.

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Entertainment Director Lindsay Kimble is casting her ballot for Rihanna's "Thriller"-esque track "Disturbia." "Those opening notes are iconic, and the whole crowd would instantly go wild," she theorizes. Breaking News Editor Victoria Messina agrees: "I'm gunning for 'Disturbia' solely because the intro, 'bum bum bee dum bum bum bee dum dum,' is so recognizable and it's a good high-energy one to start with."

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"What's My Name?"

Will Rihanna remind viewers to put some respect on her name with those first moments? Victoria Edel, a movies and TV staff writer, imagines a little interpolation of "What's My Name" will kick off the halftime show.