The Trailer for Riverdale Season 3 Has Arrived, and We Have SO MANY Questions Already

If there's one thing we can always trust when it comes to Riverdale, it's that we're in for a wild ride. Season two of the eerie CW drama kept us on our toes with the Black Hood mystery, creepy older brothers, and even a musical episode. While the second season is available to watch on Netflix, we've been anxiously waiting for more looks at what the third season will bring. Thankfully, The CW always delivers.

The first look at season three debuted at Comic-Con. and fans got a small taste of the freaky happenings that would be plaguing our favorite teens. Now, a new look at the third season has us worried about the town of Riverdale even more. If the trailer music is any indication, this season is all about secrets (because we know Riverdale loves secrets), and we have a feeling the secrets are a lot more dangerous than Alice Cooper and FP getting it on. The 30-second trailer features Archie in handcuffs, Varchie brooding as a couple, Bughead making out by a bonfire, and something very witchy going down in the woods. Could this be a tie-in with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or is it something much more sinister? Is Varchie actually endgame? Are Alice and FP a real thing, because that could get a little awkward for their kids . . .

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until season three premieres on Oct. 10 to get our answers. Until then, check out some of our favorite theories about what we might see when Riverdale returns this Fall.

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Comic-Con Highlight Reel and Season 3 Sneak Peek

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Season 3 Trailer