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21 Devastating Moments in Children's Movies

21 Devastating Moments in Kids' Movies That We're Still Traumatized Over

21 Devastating Moments in Children's Movies
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No matter how many children's movies made us giggle or screech with joy, it's the sad and scary moments that have stuck with us through adulthood. Squints tricking Wendy into a poolside smooch was hilarious, but Charlotte dying peacefully while Wilbur is left to care for her babies fills me with a deep sense of despair to this very day. Kids just feel emotions so intensely, and watching those scenes brings us back to the first moment we experienced them: dry-heaving on our parents' living room carpets with no tears left to sob.

Ahead, I've compiled some of the scenes that left indelible marks on the souls of POPSUGAR editors. This is by no means an exhaustive list (so no shade to Bambi's mom), just the moments that we hold dear to our hearts. Be warned that this article may make you cry uncontrollably.

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