We're Absolutely Buzzing Over SNL's Proper Accurate Love Island Parody

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Welcome to the villa, Islanders! Saturday Night Live gave Love Island the ultimate parody treatment during its Oct. 5 episode with host Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and the resulting sketch is scary accurate.

The SNL cast play spot-on versions of the UK reality show's contestants, complete with their unique lingo, giant mic packs, and challenging beanbag chairs. Yes, the classic mugging off, grafting, and recoupling ensues, which leaves Waller-Bridge's character without a partner. But don't worry, she's fine following the path of Love Island fame.

Watch the full skit above, and remind yourself how you got sucked into watching 50 hours of this show per season. "You think you won't but you will." It's OK to admit you're obsessed — we promise to never pie you off.