13 "Schitt's Creek" Halloween Costume Ideas That Are *Just* Pretentious Enough

On the hunt for a funny pop culture Halloween costume all your friends will recognize? You can never go wrong with a "Schitt's Creek"-inspired outfit. The wholesome Pop TV sitcom may have aired its series finale three years ago (*sobs into a glass of fruit wine*), but spooky season is the perfect time to pay tribute to the Rose family and their small-town pals.

The "Schitt's Creek" costume options are endless and all relatively easy to pull together at the last minute, depending on what you've got in your closet (or cedar chest). If you're feeling "positively bedeviled with meetings" like Moira Rose, toss on pretty much any combination of black-and-white clothes, a wacky wig, and red lipstick, and you're good to go. Trying to channel David Rose's sarcastic wit on Halloween night? A graphic sweater and Converse will do the trick. Or, if you need a couples' costume idea, you and your significant other can dress up as Alexis Rose and Ted Mullens in a pink velvet dress and blue scrubs, respectively.

Keep reading to glean inspiration from fans who've already dressed like your favorite Rosebud Motel residents on Halloween, and see which look speaks to you the most. Perhaps keeping the show's legacy alive will help manifest a "Schitt's Creek" spinoff movie into existence.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Alexis Rose

To copy one of Alexis Rose's most recognizable looks for Halloween, pair a pink velvet long-sleeved dress with knee-high boots, and get ready to belt out "A Little Bit Alexis."

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Moira Rose

The over-the-top outfit Moira Rose wore to David and Patrick's wedding is ideal Halloween costume fodder. All you need is a white cloak, tall headpiece, long blond wig, and lots of gold accessories.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: David Rose

Suit up in a Café Tropical baseball tee, hat, and white pants to emulate David Rose at his first (and only) baseball game. Bringing a leather glove will really sell the costume.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: The Rose Family

For a fun group Halloween costume, grab your besties and dress up as Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis Rose in outfits that sum up each character.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: David Rose and Patrick Brewer

Here's an easy pop culture Halloween costume for couples. Wear a lightning bolt sweatshirt and white sunglasses to be David Rose, and wear a simple button-down shirt and jeans to be Patrick Brewer. Bonus points if you incorporate Rose Apothecary merch.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Moira Rose

Locate the largest black trash bag you can find to re-create this Moira Rose outfit. Slip your DIY dress over a white turtleneck, toss on a blond wig, and you're all set for Halloween.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: David and Alexis Rose

If you and your best friend want to dress up together, this duo Halloween costume is super easy to create. David Rose just requires a black sweatshirt with "Nonchalance" plastered across the front, while Alexis Rose needs a pink velvet dress and boots.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Twyla Sands

Let's not forget about our favorite secret millionaire, Twyla Sands. To dress as the Café Tropical waiter on Halloween, all you need is a floral long-sleeved top and apron. Add a name tag if you so please.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Alexis Rose and Ted Mullens

We'll always have a soft spot for Alexis and Ted's relationship. To honor their love on Halloween, one of you can wear a boho dress, and the other can wear blue scrubs.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Alexis and David Rose

There are simply too many incredible Alexis and David Rose Halloween costumes out there to pick a favorite. These two really sell it with their hand gestures and facial expressions.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: David Rose

Remember when David Rose briefly lives on an Amish farm? Wear a furry hoodie and carry a DIY rake to pay homage to the hilarious episode.

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: Moira Rose

Combine any black-and-white clothing in your closet, add some sparkly accessories, apply red lipstick, and your Moira Rose costume is complete. Don't forget your glass of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine!

"Schitt's Creek" Costume: The Rose Family

This foursome absolutely nailed their Rose family costumes on Halloween. If you're the one dressing as Moira in your group, black feathers and a fake crow are funny additions.