It's About to Get Real Steamy Up in Here — These Are Riverdale's Sexiest Episodes Ever

The fourth season of Riverdale is upon us, and to celebrate, we want to take a look back at the show's sexiest episodes over the first three seasons. Sure, we love the friendships, the mysteries, and the snarky one-liners, but let's not kid ourselves about also tuning in for the romance and sexy time. With all that's going on in town, it's kind of astounding how much time they find for canoodling, but they definitely make time.

There are also plenty of sexy scenes that don't have anything to do with actual sex — because it's also sexy to watch our favorite TV teens (real-life adults, mind you) bond, plan heists, survive insane life-or-death situations, and thwart evil at every turn.

Tuck in, everyone: it's time to enjoy all of our favorite Riverdale eye candy.

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Season 1, Episode 3: "Body Double"

Everything to do with Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway) is not at all sexy, but what is super sexy is watching Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) team up to take him down and cement their B&V friendship forever. Also, this is the first appearance of Dark Betty and it is both sexy and scary, which actually describes Riverdale to a tee.

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Season 1, Episode 13: "The Sweet Hereafter"

The first season finale is heart-pounding scene after heart-pounding scene, capping things off with Veronica and Archie (KJ Apa) consummating their relationship. The first season takes a while to figure out its romantic entanglements, but this sexy romp shores things up for Varchie.

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Season 2, Episode 12: "The Wicked and the Divine"

It takes another half of a season, but Bughead finally consummates their relationship too. We get goosebumps just thinking about Betty sexily telling Jughead (Cole Sprouse) that she wants all of him tonight.

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Season 2, Episode 17: "The Noose Tightens"

Locking up Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) in gay-conversion therapy by a bunch of nuns? Not at all sexy. Her new girlfriend Toni (Vanessa Morgan) coming to rescue her and them finally sharing a kiss? Super sexy.

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Season 3, Episode 2: "Fortune and Men's Eyes"

Perhaps it is just the Friday Night Lights-shaped hole in our hearts talking, but the prison football game is hot, hot, hot. When the River Vixens show up to cheer the inmates on outside the facility, there is such a Please, Mr. Jailer" vibe going on that it's almost too much to take.

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Season 3, Episode 3: "As Above, So Below"

You can't talk about sexy Riverdale episodes without mentioning a Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) performance. There are a lot of good ones to choose from, but her sultry version of "Anything Goes" to mark the grand opening of La Bonne Nuit is the cream of the crop.

Plus, the episode starts out with Alice (Madchen Amick) and FP (Skeet Ulrich) in bed together. Let's hear it for parents' sex lives, too!

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Season 3, Episode 4: "The Midnight Club"

All the young stars taking a trip back to the 1990s to play the high-school versions of their parents is a wonderful conceit for an episode, and Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa in particular nail their respective parents. Apa is so Dylan McKay, it's spooky. But it's also sexy to watch them bond in a "Breakfast Club" kind of way, and then it gets terrifying as their game of Gryphons & Gargoyles gets out of hand.

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Season 3, Episode 5: "The Great Escape"

This episode is almost nonstop sexiness, from Archie and Veronica's post-fight club locker room sex to the daring escape the kids pull off, complete with excellent twist where the kid fleeing on a motorcycle turns out to be Kevin (Casey Cott). Seriously, it's quite sexy the way these high schoolers manage to pull off a prison break worthy of Steve McQueen.

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Season 3, Episode 15: "American Dreams"

No one likes to see Cheryl and Toni on the outs, but we would be lying if we said their power struggle in La Bonne Nuit wasn't the sexiest scene in the history of the show. We can't believe the set didn't spontaneously burst into flames.

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Season 3, Episode 22: "Survive the Night"

It may sound weird, but watching the four young leads survive a deadly quest in the woods is actually pretty sexy, especially when Cheryl, the Pretty Poisons, and the Serpents all swoop in to save them at the end. It is also pretty sexy when the show flashes forward to show Archie, Betty, and Veronica covered in blood, standing by a fire in their underwear, burning their clothes . . . and Jughead's beanie! Dun, dun, dun.