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The Sexiest New Movies of 2020

12 of 2020's Sexiest New Movies (Yes, We Said "New"!)

The Sexiest New Movies of 2020
Image Source: Everett Collection

From Hustlers to After to Sorry Angel, 2019 gifted us with plenty of steaming-hot movies. But 2020 marks a new decade, and it only seems fair that we should expect even more hot-and-heavy films to come our way. Unfortunately, the pandemic has all but delayed every blockbuster planned for a 2020 release, but there have still been a handful of releases that will make you hot under the collar. Then again, there's still a chance a couple of the upcoming movies will go the way of Fatale, Deep Water, and No Time to Die by rescheduling for 2021. For now, let's revel in the releases we did get.

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