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10 Songs Written by Celebrity Couples

Like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, These 10 Couples Wrote Hit Songs Together

10 Songs Written by Celebrity Couples
Image Source: Getty / Robert Kamau

What makes writing a song with a significant other so special is how open you can be. Your romantic partner probably knows you better than anyone, so being vulnerable through music feels like a natural activity to do together, especially if you're artistically inclined. Plenty of celebrity couples have come together to write music, some of them over and over again. They put their ease and comfort with one another on the page — but the end product isn't always a love song. Working comfortably with another songwriter can result any kind of song, and that's exactly what the celebrity pairings in this gallery have done.

Still, even the power of music can't keep some high-profile couples together. While some of these musician couples penned a number of songs together, they ended up splitting. Their relationships might be over, but we can still remember the better times through their music. Of course, there's also music royalty: couples who have made a ton of music together and are seemingly in love for the long haul (*ahem* Beyoncé and Jay Z). Ahead, read about 10 couples (past and present) who wrote songs together and what went into each collaboration.

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