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Steve Carell Talking About Never Seeing The Office in Video

Steve Carell Has Never Watched The Office, and Damn, He's Missing Out

Though it ended six years ago, The Office is the most-streamed show on Netflix. You know who still hasn't gotten around to watching it though? Its affable star, Steve Carell. In a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote his forthcoming Apple TV series The Morning Show, the actor admitted he never really watched The Office, as he doesn't generally watch his work.

Carell has, however, seen a few episodes here and there. "Sometimes the cast would get together, and we would watch it together, and that was really fun," he said. "But no, I tend not to do that." If he were to ever binge-watch the show on a lazy Sunday, we'd suggest starting with these 10 episodes. Just throwing it out there.

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