This "Stranger Things" Character Foreshadows His Own Death in Season 4

As if we needed more proof that Vecna has been lurking in Hawkins since the beginning of our "Stranger Things" journey, fans recently spotted a clue in season four that foreshadows one character's death way before it happens. While people create endless fan art and petitions to mourn Eddie Munson's death, one not-so-beloved character recently caught the attention of Reddit user hunimpressed. "Caught this on my rewatch. I see what they did there," the user wrote over a screen grab from "Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse."

The scene, which takes place in the second episode of season four, features Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) at a party with his fellow basketball teammates, a group of jocks fronted by rich athlete Jason Carver (Mason Dye). "First hangover feels like you're gonna split in two," Jason tells Lucas after the team go out drinking together.

"That was such an underwhelming and random way to go after so many episodes of build-up."

During the season finale, Jason walks in on Lucas and Max (Sadie Sink) during their mission to take down Vecna in Victor Creel's (Robert Englund) attic. Enraged over the death of his girlfriend, Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), Jason pulls out a gun and threatens Lucas — who he believes is behind the supernatural deaths in Hawkins — insisting that he wake Max up from the spell she's under. After a struggle, which includes Jason pinning Lucas to a wall by his throat for several seconds, Lucas is able to fight Jason off, punching him several times until he falls unconscious onto the attic floor. Minutes later, a gate to the Upside Down opens across Hawkins, ripping straight through the Creel house. As the gate splits open, it cuts directly through Jason's body on the attic floor, disintegrating his torso and literally splitting him in two.

For several fans who followed Jason's loosely constructed villain storyline throughout the fourth season, the character's death was underwhelming. In fact, many fans missed his death on the first watch and had to rewind the episode to catch it. "That was such an underwhelming and random way to go after so many episodes of build-up. didnt even do anything worthwhile either, except fight and get beat up by lucas (who doesnt even know how to fight)," wrote one Reddit user. Another added, "That's what Jason deserves, he doesn't get his 'hero's' death that you think he'd get." Others were more satisfied with the writers' ending for the jock. "Are you kidding it wasn't underwhelming he could have literally killed Lucas and I believed that. Pretty satisfying to see him die like that," one Reddit user continued.

For others, the morbid irony of Jason's death left them deeply uneasy. "Jason is a misunderstood character," one Reddit user said. "Let's be honest here, if your GF get killed and a guy is accused and have really a big reason to seems guilty, you would get mad too. He is shown to not be a bad person, it's just not his point of view that we're watching the series. He is actually not that wrong. That said, i was in school times more like Eddie than Jason, and Eddie is a really relatable character."

While most fans agree that Jason was a confusing antagonist at best, many who've rewatched the beginning of season four can agree that having a character foreshadow their own death is a pretty chilling send-off. (But it could have been worse.)