It Wouldn't Be a Supernatural Series Finale If It Didn't Leave Fans Divided, Right?

After 15 seasons of Supernatural, it's the end of the road for Sam and Dean Winchester. We know that it might be tough, but Supernatural fans everywhere will find the strength to carry on.

On Nov. 19, the CW aired the show's series finale along with a retrospective special titled Supernatural: The Long Road Home. The special detailed the cast and crew's journey throughout the show's lifespan, featuring commentary by stars and guest stars alike, including Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert. Seeing everyone get choked up over their favorite moments and what the show has meant to them tugged at our heartstrings. It's comforting knowing that Ackles will carry Dean with him for the rest of his life – we know we will! Son of b*tch, we're still in tears.

The series finale was a roller coaster of feelings, going from lighthearted to devastating in an instant when Dean met his fate at the hands of an awkwardly placed nail. As Dean and Sam said their (final) goodbyes, it hit us that, with no angels by their side to heal either of them, this death was really going to stick. Fans on Twitter weren't sure how to handle the character's untimely death, particularly when Sam then got to live out a seemingly happy life with a wife and kid after saying goodbye to his big brother. Eventually, the two reunited in the afterlife after fans watched Sam grow into an old man in an interesting montage backed by mood-appropriate remixes of "Carry on Wayward Son."

Though the finale was definitely a resounding ending, it felt like it was one step away from revealing everything had been a big joke, and that it was one last return to the meta-ways of old Supernatural. But it wasn't, and we're left with a finale that some fans are already comparing to Game of Thrones. Regardless of how the ending made you feel, you can find solace in all the happy memories the shows and its cast has left you with. If you don't accept the canon ending, make one of your own — that's what fan fiction is for! Keep reading to see just how divided fans were over the ending and its accompanying special.