Sweet Tooth: 6 Cliffhangers We Definitely Need Resolved in a Second Season

I went into Netflix's Sweet Tooth not knowing what to expect, and what I got was an adventurous, mysterious, and wild journey. The series based on the comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire takes place in a post-apocalyptic world as a young boy named Gus, who is half-human and half deer, sets out on a quest to find his mother, and ends up finding out way more than he bargained for. Each of the eight episodes is packed with so many twists and turns that by the time the final episode rolls around, you're left begging for more.

So, will there be a second season? Though Netflix hasn't officially renewed the series, there's a good chance it will have more episodes. Not only is it based on a comic book, meaning there are plenty of storylines left to explore, but within one day of its release, the show has already found its way into the Top 5 on Netflix. Plus, the fact that it's executive produced by Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey probably doesn't hurt!

In the season one finale, so many storylines come together, but there are still so many loose ends left to tie up. After Gus learns his true origins, he tries to seek refuge at The Preserve not knowing that it has actually been taken over by General Abbot and his Last Men. They eventually show up, shoot Jepperd, and capture Gus. While Gus narrowly escapes being experimented on at The Preserve, there are still so many dark uncertainties looming. Here are just a handful of questions I need answered in a second season:

  • How will Jepperd recover from being shot? Honestly, this was the biggest question on my mind after seeing Jepperd unconscious in the field. Though he is eventually rescued by Aimee, knowing what happens to his character in the comics, I can't help but worry about his fate on the show.
  • What does Aimee have planned for The Preserve? Speaking of Aimee, what exactly does she have planned for The Preserve? She's adamant on working with Jepperd to get her daughter back, but what kind of tricks does she have up her sleeve?
  • Will Bear be reunited with her sister? One of the biggest twists in the final episode is that Bear's real name is Becky and her sister is actually Wendy, aka Aimee's adopted daughter who has been captured by The Preserve. Something tells me we're in for a big family reunion in season two.
  • What's General Abbot's deal, anyways? The first season barely scratches the surface of General Abbot's backstory. It appears that he wants the vaccine so that he can use it however he sees fit, but what are his greater plans?
  • Will Jepperd be reunited with his son? In one of the final episodes, we learn that Jepperd's wife gave birth to a son, but they were taken away shortly afterwards. We can't help but wonder if his son is actually one of the hybrids at The Preserve with Gus.
  • Which side is Birdie on? In the final scene of season one, we learn that Birdie is still alive and appears to be working in Alaska to find a cure. But whose side is she on? In episode seven, we learn that Birdie stays back at Fort Smith when the military takes over the lab so that Richard can take off and save Gus. Perhaps she agrees to help them so that she can work undercover to find a cure and eventually reunite with Gus.