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Watch the Trailer For Tall Girl 2

Tall Girl 2 Tackles More Than Just Height in the Sequel's Trailer

Netflix is following up Tall Girl with a sequel film that goes beyond the realities of just being the "tall girl" in high school. Tall Girl 2's trailer arrived from the streamer on Jan. 19. This time around, Jodi (Ava Michelle) grapples with no longer being known as the tallest girl at her school but instead the confident, popular girl with a boyfriend and the lead role in her school's spring musical. But with more popularity comes more pressure and a lot more tests for her relationships.

"You finally got your dream," Jodi tells herself in the trailer. "You think you can actually pull this off?" In the first movie, Jodi makes peace with her height difference among her classmates thanks to some help from her beauty-queen older sister, Harper (Sabrina Carpenter). But now, Jodi struggles to silence the inner voice haunting her about all her "worst fears and insecurities" as she braces herself to handle a whole new set of problems. Tall Girl 2 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 11. Watch the movie's trailer above.

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