Taylor Swift Defends Fan From Security Mid-Concert in Viral Eras Tour Moment

A candid Eras Tour moment is currently going viral. During a Philadelphia concert on May 13, Taylor Swift appeared to defend a concertgoer from security — all while performing "Bad Blood," mind you. "She's fine," Swift said after seeing a fan presumably get reprimanded. "She wasn't doing anything," she said, turning to continue with the song before noticing the guard still hadn't let up. "Hey! Stop," she shouted, finally catching the guard's attention.

The fan in question, a longtime Swiftie named Kelly, later shared her side of the story in a video posted her friend's TikTok account. "Basically the guard had been harassing our group all night," she said. "He just kept telling us not to touch the rail and any time we did anything, he was on top of us." She added that the security guard was later escorted out himself, and that her entire group was offered free tickets to another show as an apology. In fact, she and her friends headed back up to Philadelphia from their home in Baltimore for Swift's third show at Lincoln Financial Field.

Kelly also expressed her gratitude in a separate TikTok on her own account, explaining how meaningful the moment was to her. "I have been a huge fan, Taylor, since I was 17 years old, like I mean biggest Swiftie, and the fact that you did that for me last night, and you stood up for me, meant so so so so much," she said. "If there's anything I know about you, you just want your fans to go to the show and have fun, and that's all we were doing, and it truly truly meant so much to us that you did that."

Watch Swift's exchange with security ahead.