"Ted Lasso" Uses a Meaningful Song to Hint at Where Ted Is Heading

Ted Lasso has a big decision to make. In the 11th episode of "Ted Lasso"'s third season, which was released on Apple TV+ on May 24, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) is confronted by his mom, Dottie (Becky Ann Baker), about how his son, Henry (Gus Turner), misses him back home in Kansas.

"I know," Ted says. "I miss him, too." He starts crying and struggles to find the words. "It's like I'm scared sometimes to like get close close to that little boy . . . 'Cause I know he's gonna leave." His mom tells him, "That's the thing about being a parent. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, but most of the time you just tie."

Ted falls asleep on the couch that night, and when he wakes up in the morning, Dottie has left, headed back to America. Ted walks to work, like he always does, and finds Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) in his office. She reminds him that this is the time of year when she usually has something big to tell him, but this time she doesn't have a "truth bomb."

"Well, that's OK," Ted says. "I've got one." The episode ends, leading us into the finale. But if you're not 100 percent clear on what Ted's "truth bomb" is, the answer becomes clear during the credits.

Is Ted Lasso Going Back to America?

Over the credits of the episode, a cover of "Home" from the musical "The Wiz" plays. The new version is sung by Brandi Carlile. "The Wiz" is a 1974 musical that retells "The Wizard of Oz" with an all-Black cast. "Home" — which became a hit single for star Stephanie Mills — is the song Dorothy sings before she clicks her heels and goes back home to Kansas.

"Ted Lasso" fans will remember that Ted is also from Kansas. He's Dorothy, moments before he heads back home for good. (Which other "Wizard of Oz" characters the rest of the "Ted Lasso" characters map onto we'll leave up to you to decide.) Even though the audience doesn't hear Ted say he's going home, the message is crystal clear with the song choice at the end.

Sudeikis has all but confirmed this is the final season of "Ted Lasso," which would make the 12th episode of the season the series finale. We'll have to wait and see what happens to AFC Richmond in the last episode in the wake of Ted's decision to leave.

The season three finale of "Ted Lasso" premieres May 31 on Apple TV+.