58 Unfiltered Thoughts I Had Watching the Delightfully Cheesy Film The Lost Husband

If you're looking for a cheesy romance movie to curl up with a warm cup of tea to watch, look no further than The Lost Husband. The film starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb was originally released on demand in April but has gained even more popularity since it hit Netflix. And it's not hard to tell why — it has all the makings of a classic Hallmark movie. Following the death of her husband, a mother named Libby (Bibb) and her two kids start a new life for themselves by staying with her aunt in Texas. After helping out around the farm, Libby eventually falls for the ruggedly handsome (and slightly rude) farm manager James.

Is the storyline predictable? Most definitely! Is it cheesier than the actual cheese Libby and James make on the farm? Yep! Did it make me want to pack up my life and move to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? You better believe it! Keep reading for all the unfiltered thoughts I had while watching The Lost Husband on Netflix.

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  • Is that her mom? Why are they leaving?
  • Jean is Libby's aunt and Libby doesn't even know about her husband? Guess she doesn't get their family Christmas cards!
  • No dryer, microwave, or TV? Girl, you're in danger. Run!
  • So, did their dad die in a car crash?
  • Ah, the simple life.
  • I want to relax with my dog on my front porch with a glass of wine in a rocking chair.
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  • Something about this aunt has me on edge. I don't trust her.
  • Whew, OK, so the mom and aunt have issues.
  • LOL, the turkey's job is Thanksgiving.
  • Need that bedroom ASAP.
  • OK, that breakfast looks incredible. Nothing like a Southern meal.
  • "She was a good pig." I cannot.
  • "When it comes to coffee, I don't mess around." OK, same.
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  • Really digging rugged Josh Duhamel.
  • Ew, his hands.
  • The kids look so scared, OMG.
  • I knew this aunt was tricky. She's gonna make her niece run the whole farm.
  • So far, this is reminding me of Hannah Montana: The Movie.
  • He literally got grease all over that nice door.
  • Listen, if I had a whole bunch of goats, I would also name them after pop stars.
  • OMG, this goat-milking scene.
  • He's literally singing to the goats! This is too much.
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  • Something tells me this fridge is foreshadowing for when these two are gonna get stuck in the fridge and make out.
  • He's SO mean to her! But she's gonna fall for him anyways, huh?
  • BRB, moving to a farmhouse.
  • She really needs to buy a coat ASAP.
  • Definitely not the playlist I expected from rugged Josh Duhamel.
  • Dang, this cashier is nosy.
  • So wait, did her husband die or is he really "lost"?
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  • I want this kitchen.
  • Actually, I want this house.
  • Oh, it's the cashier! Well, this is a twist.
  • Is the aunt sick? Is that why she invited her niece to stay with her?
  • This just went from Hallmark romance movie to Lifetime psychological thriller real fast.
  • I called it! They're stuck in the fridge.
  • He legit just smacked her in the face with a bag. Rude!
  • Let me guess, they fell asleep on each other's shoulders.
  • Called it again!
  • Is this principal for real? Suspension?
  • Those goats look so peaceful, OMG.
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  • I can tell these girls are trouble.
  • Wow, some people never outgrow high school, huh?
  • OK, I guess James isn't so bad after all.
  • Wow, this mom is something else.
  • I would definitely watch a prequel movie about the sisters. Just saying!
  • Wait, they're doing a seance? Is this The Vampire Diaries or . . . ?
  • This principal is ridiculous. She's getting another suspension? She's literally bleeding because of a bully.
  • OK, that was kind of endearing, but also, he just threatened a little kid.
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  • It wouldn't be a farm movie without one scene of line dancing at a bar.
  • So he's actually a nice guy after all.
  • I guess this is the moment where they slow dance and fall in love.
  • There it is!
  • Oh my, now he's singing. I can't!
  • This flashback is very ominous.
  • Is her aunt really her mom?!
  • Oh, this is much worse. Her mother literally left her.
  • "What about you, did you miss me?" Oh, that was smooth.
  • Wait, after all of that pining and that's all we get? I have so many more questions! What was the deal with her husband? Is her aunt actually sick? Is Libby going to move to the farm permanently? What about her and James? Does he eventually propose? Is that farmhouse for sale and can I please move in?
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