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The Office: 14 Heartwarming Moments That Made Us Cry

14 Heartwarming Office Moments to Remind Us We're All Part of the Dunder Mifflin Family

I could probably spend the next 9,986,000 minutes of my life rewatching episodes of The Office and cracking up over Jim's ridiculous pranks, Michael's hatred for Toby, Dwight's questionable family traditions, and so much more. But, as many hilarious moments as there are throughout the show, there are also a few that tug at my heartstrings every time they pop up on my "Watch Next" feature. After nine seasons and multiple rewatches, I still get misty-eyed seeing the whole Dunder Mifflin family sing goodbye to Michael, but sometimes reliving those supersweet moments in a show that's normally anything but serious is exactly what I need.

For tried and true fans of The Office, there are few moments on the series that stand out as much as Dwight comforting Pam when she's crying (a true testament to their unspoken friendship), Jim cutting his tie to match Pam's torn veil on their wedding day, and Michael returning in the series finale to be Dwight's best man. So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab some tissues, and prepare to cry a couple of happy tears as you enjoy this roundup of some of the show's most emotional moments above.

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