"Burning Down the House" Was the Perfect Song to Try to End Things on The Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead's season 10 finale Sunday, the key to the survivor community's success comes in the form of a classic Talking Heads tune. In order to "Pied Piper" the horde of walkers under Beta and the Whisperers' control, the community bands together to hook up a stereo on a wagon to lead the walkers off a cliff. Though things don't ultimately go the group's way, we are treated to hundreds of walkers moving slowly to the beat of "Burning Down the House" from 1983's Speaking in Tongues. Even in the face of potential death, Luke is able to get his boogie on as he guards the wagon.

The upbeat song is certainly a departure from their dire circumstances, yet it's also fitting — the world certainly feels like it's burning. Sadly, their plan is foiled and Carol almost sacrifices herself for the good of the group. Luckily, Lydia is able to save her and we can still look back fondly on the tune. You can listen to the full song below.

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