Too Hot to Handle Is Turning Up the Heat With New Episodes — Here's How Many Are in Season 2

Summer will be coming in hot with a whole new batch of Too Hot to Handle episodes on Netflix! Taking us to Too Hot villa with an all-new beautiful cast, season two will premiere in June with 10 episodes in total. The release will look slightly different this round, according to the hot new teaser. The first four episodes will come out on June 23, while the rest will be available on June 30.

The soapy Netflix reality series first popped up on the streaming service in the early days of lockdown in April 2020. The premise is pretty straightforward: 10 attractive singletons mingle in paradise, and they have to resist hooking up to win a $100,000 prize. (According to the season two press release, no hooking up means "no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind.") The concept is more or less the same this season, except we'll get two more episodes this time around (or one, if you count last year's the reunion), and the release will be split into two parts. Watch in June to see if you can handle this new release schedule!