The Internet Collectively Swooned Over Malik and Deja's Romantic Date on This Is Us

Deja and Malik are getting even closer on This Is Us, and it has fans in their feelings. During "The Dinner and the Date" episode on Tuesday night, the two young lovebirds bring their families together for dinner after they get in trouble for skipping school. Though the dinner doesn't exactly go over well, Randall and Beth eventually give Deja their blessing to date Malik, with supervision of course.

As they ask Deja to tell them more about Malik, we learn through a flashback from their date that they actually shared their first kiss. After showing Deja around Philadelphia, Malik takes her to a special place she once visited when she was a young girl. Clearly, Malik is just as big of a romantic as Randall. Keep reading for more reactions to their sweet date.