11 Iconic Movie and TV Show Scenes That Double as Unintentional ASMR

Keyboards click continuously under the typing fingers of an office. A diva with a sunrise yellow manicure taps their nails like spider legs from pinkie to index finger. A virgo doing origami folds a piece of paper, and with one quick motion, they smooth the crease between their fingers. Sounds like these are what we think of when we think of ASMR, but that sound is different for everyone, and often comes from a different place.

ASMR-inducing sounds can be found everywhere, as well as in some of your favorite movies and TV shows, so we went in search of these moments of unintentional ASMR to share for your listening pleasure. As an added bonus, you can click the links in each description of the videos ahead to find more of whatever ASMR-inducing sounds you hear in the clips.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

To be a wizard means to speak your intentions carefully, and in this scene Daniel Radcliffe does just that. Scratching the pages with a quill as he whispers into some mic off screen, this scene from The Chamber of Secrets is what ASMR dreams are made of.

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Amélie knows all about ASMR, and these simple pleasures prove it. From the sound of skipping rocks, to the impact of her spoon against the fragile outer layer of her crème brûlée, this scene is full of ASMR-inducing moments.

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American Psycho

Watching this scene, I don't know what gave me more chills: the way Jared Leto pulls out his business card or Christian Bale's performance of psychotic New York broker Patrick Bateman.

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The Office

With its mockumentary style, The Office contains plenty of ASMR-inducing whispered dialogue when the characters think they're out of reach of the documentary crew. In this scene, listen to Dwight whisper sweet nothings and force Jim to feed him pizza and beer, while cradling Jim and Pam's sleeping baby in his arms.

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The Witch

Speaking of whispered dialogue, who knew a talking devil goat's voice could sound so pleasant? Live deliciously and listen to Black Phillip enticing Anya Taylor-Joy with her wildest desires.

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Happy Feet

In the classic Elijah Wood film about a journey against insurmountable odds, Happy Feet's Mumbo was an ASMR icon before we knew what ASMR was. This scene in particular, from the opening dialogue of narrator Robin Williams, to the sound of Stevie Wonders's voice singing along to Mumbo's dancing feet, is full of ASMR magic.

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Just in case Mumbo isn't enough, the sounds of Pingu walking with an attitude is sure to do the trick. Check out this YouTube video of one of our favorite moments of the Pingu saga.

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Until someone tells me how to make a grilled cheese as appetizing as this, I'll just be here drooling over Jon Favreau's.

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There's nothing like Jeniffer Lawrence deciding what color to paint the walls of reality in the surreal thriller Mother! to send chills up your spine.

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Bob Ross

If you're craving some pleasant painting-induced ASMR, check out this compilation of Bob Ross teaching us how to use a paint knife. I don't know what brought me more peace: Bob Ross painting the mountain or Bob Ross talking about the mountain.

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August Rush

A basketball falls through a metal net. It hits and bounces off the concrete. The players' shoes scrape the ground before taking off towards the basket. In the movie and mind of August Rush, these random sounds become part of a greater soundscape he transcribes into a wonderful, and chaotic, composition.

What Are Your Favorite Unintentional ASMR Moments?
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What Are Your Favorite Unintentional ASMR Moments?

Unintentional ASMR truly has become a new obsession of ours. Make sure you've checked all the links in case you need some more ASMR magic! Meanwhile, I'll just be here, watching the crème brûlée ASMR video over and over and over . . .