23 DIY Ursula Halloween Costume Ideas

Forget Disney princesses; playing the villain is so much more fun. If you're looking for a showstopping, slightly wicked Halloween costume that taps into the trends of the year, look no further than Ursula the sea witch. It's the perfect year for a costume from under the sea, considering all the hype that surrounded the live-action "The Little Mermaid," and you can join the fun by channeling Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of the movie's iconic villain.

Though she's a Disney character first and foremost, you can make an Ursula costume what you want — err on the sexier side for an adults-only party, amp up the evil if you're feeling spooky, or keep it G-rated if your Halloween plans this October include kids. Whichever direction you take it, prepare to channel your creativity: there are plenty of ingenious ways to DIY an Ursula costume for Halloween, and this character also presents you with the perfect opportunity to play around with fun Halloween makeup.

Not sure where to start? Cue up "The Little Mermaid" and then scroll through this list to get inspired by people's real-life Ursula costumes. Then grab your makeup palette, and get ready to swim your way past those poor unfortunate souls on your way to become the winner of "best costume" this Halloween.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Lizzo's Ursula

Lest you forget, Lizzo dressed as Ursula for Halloween 2018, serving a version of the villain we're utterly obsessed with. Whether or not you want to give the purple body paint a go, feel free to copy her simple Ursula outfit or bold blue eye shadow.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Perrie Edwards's Ursula

Looking for some more celebrity inspo? Little Mix's Perrie Edwards also dressed as Ursula for Halloween in 2018, serving her own sexy, pop-art take on the iconic Disney character. Who knew a sea witch could look so stunning?

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Mini Dress

For the simplest possible DIY Ursula costume, opt for the version of the character where she's taken Ariel's voice and looks more like a human. Wear a black and purple minidress (or layer two to get the right color scheme), and buy or DIY a seashell choker.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Tulle Skirt

Ursula's tentacles are a signature part of her look, but crafting full-on tentacles isn't an option for everyone. You can re-create them by layering a purple tulle skirt under strips of black fabric or by cutting up a black skirt or dress.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Fishnet Top

To amp up the sea-witch vibe of your Ursula costume, add fishnets. That can be done via gloves, tights, or with a fishnet top, as shown here.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Natural Face Makeup

If you don't want to layer on tons of makeup to create a DIY Ursula costume, you can still go natural if your outfit is on point. A white wig or crown, trident, and seashell necklace — plus an all-black ensemble — makes it clear you're Ursula even without wild makeup.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Black Dress

This creative Ursula costume pulls out all the stops, including stuffed tentacles; however, you could also opt for a simple strapless black dress, and with the right makeup, hair, and accessories you'll still look like the character.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Shell Necklace

A shell necklace goes a long way in signaling that you're Ursula, and you don't need to buy one to pull off the look. Try attaching a found shell to a black beaded necklace or choker.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Statement Eye Makeup

There are plenty of ways to do Ursula makeup for Halloween, but one sure method is dark, statement eye shadow and brows, just like the original animated character.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Pearl Accents

This creative play on Ursula's hair and makeup uses pearl accents to lend an under-the-sea aesthetic to this Halloween look.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Ariel As Ursual

This Ariel-Ursula crossover costume instantly conveys the move you're referencing. If you want to portray Ursula but can't resist a bright red Ariel wig, try this costume idea.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Fur

Though fur doesn't have a place in Ursula's actual outfit, it adds some volume and texture to an Ursula costume — and can keep you warm when it's a chilly Halloween.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Sexy Lingerie Ursula

With a black skirt or pants and a lacy or bustier top, you can become sexy Ursula using clothes you probably already have.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Face and Body Paint

Not afraid of a lot of face makeup? Try giving your whole face and shoulders a blue-ish or purple sheen, and you will undoubtedly be recognized by everyone as the iconic sea witch on Oct. 31.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Boho Ursula

Take your DIY Ursula in a boho direction with a flowy purple skirt, a blue scarf to represent the eels Jetsam and Flotsam, and a simple black top.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Feather Boas

To easily create the illusion of tentacles without having to make them yourself, attach some purple, black, and green feather boas to a dress or bodysuit. Voilà, you're Ursula.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Corset Top

Corsets are so trendy right now, and it's the perfect type of top to wear for a DIY Ursula Halloween costume.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Dramatic Wig

You can use colored hairspray to try to replicate Ursula's signature white hairstyle or make it easier by opting for a wig.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Cape

Ursula may not have a cape in the movie, but it's a fitting accessory for a Disney villain and a great addition to a DIY Ursula costume that you may already have from another Halloween.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Stuffed Eel

Get your hands on a Jetsam-like stuffed eel to add some authenticity to your Ursula costume. If you don't want to fidget with it all night, you can also sew it directly onto your dress.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Homemade Dress

If you're ready to go hard in the DIY costume department, consider sewing together your own Ursula dress. This Instagrammer made her own, which you can use as inspiration.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Sheer Long Sleeves

If you're worried about being cold on Halloween, a sheer or contrasting long-sleeved shirt layers perfectly under an all-black Ursula ensemble.

DIY Ursula Costume Idea: Black Gown

If you already have a black gown in your closet, it makes the perfect base for an Ursula costume. Just add accessories, makeup, and a wig.