People Are Combining the Dougie With Indian Dance Moves on TikTok, and the Result Is Amazing

A new dance trend has emerged, and to no surprise, it's happening on TikTok. In late June, mashup artist Tanay Ganga shared a remix that seamlessly combined 2010's once-ubiquitous "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District with "Wakhra Swag" by Navv Inder featuring Badshah from 2016. And thus, the Wakhra Dougie was born.

Over 1,500 TikTok users have since used the mashup to show off choreography that blends various Indian dance moves with, well, the Dougie, of course. Enjoy a few of our favorite examples ahead, then read up on some of the most popular dance challenges to come from the video app.