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Watch Lil Nas X's Music Video For "Rodeo" With Nas

Pack Up Your Cowboy Boots — Lil Nas X Goes Full Matrix For Vampiric "Rodeo" Video

We already know that Lil Nas X isn't afraid to go there with his music videos, but the visual masterpiece for his single "Rodeo" is even better than we expected. If you've ever wanted to read a crossover fan piece combining The Matrix, Twilight, and Wild Wild West, this cowboy's got you covered. There's a plucky lead who gets bitten by a wild vampire, which leads to drastic makeup that includes grilled-out fangs and those broody forehead ridges that would make David Boreanaz's Angel proud. Don't even get me started on the clever product placement for Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum. We love a innovative artist who cares about our skin and brings us night terrors!

Watch the supernaturally fantastic music video above, and take the time to really savor that dance break and Matrix-esque battle scene. I'll just be here singing the song to myself for the umpteenth time.

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