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What Happened to Ats in Top Boy Season 4?

What Happened to Ats in "Top Boy"'s Season 4?

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

With the highly anticipated premiere of "Top Boy" season four finally arriving, there's one question that's on everyone's lips: what happened to Attica? At the end of season three, we discover that Ats (played by Keiyon Cook) has gone missing, and not even Jaq (played by Jasmine Jobson) knows where he might be.

The disappearance of Ats came shortly after he and his best friend, Stefan (also Jamie and Aaron's brother), got into an argument because of the part that Ats played in Jamie's demise — one that ultimately landed Jamie in prison. Ats was given a backpack filled with drugs and a gun and was instructed by Jaq to plant it at Jamie and Stefan's house. Ats completed the task, knowing that eventually Jamie would be taken away because of it. Just prior, Ats's mom, Amma, had a visit from immigration and ended up losing her job as a cleaner because of her immigration status.

This led to increasing financial insecurity, which although Amma desperately tried to hide from her son, Ats saw through. He felt he had no choice but to help out and ended up working for Dushane and Sully to make ends meet.

As with most young people who end up caught in such activities, things did not end well for him. In season four, we see that Ats's mom is left frantically looking for her son and even questions Jaq about "the things they had him doing," leading viewers to believe that Ats's mom has known about her son's involvement in the drug game for far too long.

In later episodes of the season, the unfortunate fate of Ats is confirmed as we learn that the body of a young boy has been found in a skip. Dushane then receives a phone call directing him to a video that shows Ats being taken hostage by a girl that no one recognizes, and the search to find her and get justice for Ats continues.

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