Suffering From Bird Box Withdrawals? Netflix's New Dystopian Thriller Should Help

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Just in time to save you from your Bird Box withdrawals, a new dystopian film is arriving on Netflix for you to obsess over.

The sci-fi flick — directed by Jonathan Helpert and written by the trio of Clay Jeto, Charles Spano, and Will Basanta — takes place decades in the future, when the air on earth has become ravaged with toxic gas and the population is forced to flee to one of Jupiter's moons. A young scientist named Sam (Death Note's Margaret Qualley) finds herself as one of the post-cataclysmic planet's last remaining survivors, living alone in a mountain-top lab, safe from the air outside.

Following in her father's footsteps, she's dedicated her life to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive earth's harsh new surroundings, rather than abandoning it for the moon, IO. However, when another survivor (Avengers: Infinity War's Anthony Mackie) crash lands into her life, Sam must decide if she wants to board the final shuttle scheduled to leave for the distant colony with the rest of humanity, or fight for the planet she grew up on.

IO also stars Danny Huston, and will be available on Netflix starting Jan. 18. Watch the first trailer, above!