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What to Expect From Station 19 Season 5
Source: ABC

Just when we thought we couldn't love another Shondaland team more, the crew at Station 19 is back for a fifth season. Station 19 not only brings us cases that pull on our heartstrings and tap into topical social commentary, but we are also fully engaged and invested in the romantic relationships and friendships of Seattle's bravest. Especially as many of those relationships have taken a turn toward the more complicated as the seasons have gone on.

If you're like us and impatiently waiting for the Station 19 season five premiere on Sept. 30, you're probably itching to find out how the multiple cliffhangers from season four are going to end up. If nothing else, season five is guaranteed to shake up how the team (which was already holding on by a string) is functioning.

While we've grown to love the firefighters who actively blur the lines of their personal and professional lives, season five is gearing up to have fans on the edge of their seats. To get you prepped for the new season, here's a refresher on what happens at the close of season four — there's a lot to unpack here.