Here's What 21 of Your Favorite Queer Eye Heroes Are Up to Now

Believe it or not, the purpose of Netflix's Queer Eye isn't just to make us ugly-sob. In every episode, the Fab Five — which is composed of Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, and Karamo Brown — help new participants (or "heroes") turn around their lives, helping them improve their knowledge of fashion, food and wine, interior design, grooming, and culture. And the result isn't just a chic new wardrobe and haircut. The difference that Queer Eye has made in the lives of its heroes is very real, and if you're wondering how the lives of some of your favorite participants have changed, read on to find out.

Neal Reddy, Season 1 (2018)

Scruffy app developer Neal Reddy has made some major changes since the Fab Five pulled him out of his rut. As well as keeping his hair and beard well-groomed (and giving frequent shoutouts to the Queer Eye team for their help on social media), Neal has become far more confident and taken much better care of himself than he formerly did.

In a June 2018 interview with Radio Times, Neal said, "I still keep my place in order, I still dress better, now I get a haircut every three weeks — but all that is very superficial stuff. The deeper stuff is, this past year I've done so many things that I never thought I would do." He even performed at the NYC comedy venue The Stand in March 2019. He's also become good friends with fellow hero Skyler, and he recently met up with Antoni Porowski at a book signing for his new cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen.

Cory Waldrop, Season 1 (2018)

NASCAR aficionado and police officer Cory Waldop learned more than just how to take care of himself during his episode. After his incredibly moving conversations with Karamo Brown about the US police force's problem with racism, he and the culture expert remain lifelong friends. As he explained to Radio Times in June 2018, participating in the show was a wake-up call, and he has since put more of an effort into both his appearance and his marriage.

During a February lecture at Duke University, Karamo even revealed that Cory now focuses more of his efforts on community activism. In September, he and his wife also met up with Antoni at a book signing.

Remington Porter, Season 1 (2018)

After years spent stuck in the past, Remington Porter is now living very much in the present moment. As well as enjoying his new bachelor pad and wardrobe, Remington has pushed himself to travel, spending the holidays in 2018 traveling around Asia. His new-found fame scored him an invite to the Black Panther premiere in February 2018, and this September, he and his mom also caught up with Antoni at a book signing.

Joe Gallois, Season 1 (2018)

Like Neal, Joe Gallois continues to pursue a career in comedy. Though Joe hasn't maintained the new website Karamo built for him, he has gotten the chance to perform at some impressive venues, and he's even become a frequent opener and host at the Relapse Theatre in Atlanta.

Tammye Hicks, Season 2 (2018)

"Mama" Tammye Hicks has been living her best life since appearing as the first female hero on Queer Eye. In August 2018, the breast cancer survivor told them. that she isn't the only one who has benefitted from her experience — her son Myles and the whole town of Gay, GA have as well. She told the magazine that Myles has since landed an apprenticeship at a local funeral home and that he plans to open his own parlor to help those affected by AIDS in the future.

As for Tammye, she continues spreading her message of faith and acceptance (while looking fabulous) and giving plenty of shoutouts to the Queer Eye crew. Like many other heroes, she also reunited with Antoni during his book tour.

William Mahnken, Season 2 (2018)

Movie buff William Mahnken has since married Shannan, the girlfriend who made an appearance during his episode. The two tied the knot in June 2018 on Amelia Island, just a week after William's episode debuted. Of course, he tagged the Fab Five in his Instagram post announcing the wedding, as they helped orchestrate the proposal. He has also continued to pursue his dream of making it in Hollywood and has since landed a bunch of cameo appearances, including background roles in The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.

Skyler Jay, Season 2 (2018)

Queer Eye's first The transgender hero Skyler Jay appeared on the show soon after completing top surgery, and since then, the former catering manager has set up a crowdfunding page to donate to LGBTQ+ causes. He also recently reached a settlement with the University of Georgia after suing his former employer for refusing to cover his sex reassignment surgery. Since settling the lawsuit, UGA removed the trans coverage exclusions and awarded Skyler a $100,000 settlement. Skyler is still regularly in contact with the Fab Five and other heroes, such as Neal.

Sean VanMeter, Season 2 (2018)

Queer Eye's youngest hero Sean VanMeter has spent as much time with people his age as he has working on his music since appearing on the show. He's currently in his junior year at Piedmont College, where he is studying Mathematics and Music Performance. Between his studies, socializing, and looking cute with his girlfriend, he continues making new music, most recently releasing a single entitled "Mama's Rocking Chair."

Ted Terry, Season 2 (2018)

Since appearing on Queer Eye, hipster Mayor Ted Terry was re-elected as Mayor of Clarkston for another four years. Now he's setting his sights even higher, and he plans on running for the US Senate in 2020. Ted considers himself a progressive Democrat, and as he told Atlanta, he hopes to pursue his liberal goals at the federal level. His primary objective: "To bring a new generation of leadership to the Senate — a new perspective."

Jody Castellucci, Season 3 (2019)

Camo-loving Jody Castellucci has totally devoted herself to being a part of the Queer Eye community since appearing on the show. She frequently attends get-togethers with her "QE family," along with several other past heroes, and in Fall 2019, she got a chance to meet up with Antoni, Jonathan Van Ness, and Bobby Berk, all within a matter of weeks.

Soon after her episode aired, Jody told Refinery29 just how much the Fab Five had changed her life. "I feel more confident and my husband says I look more striking and vibrant!" she said. "What a difference five wonderful guys made in my life." She's managed to stay out of camo-print and spend much more time on herself since her experience.

Mary and Deborah Jones, Season 3 (2019)

Mary and Deborah Jones — or as they are better known, Shorty and Little — have been thriving since their appearance. As well as stepping up their style, the sisters have learned how to better market themselves, and they now sell their Jones sister BBQ sauce through their website. Mary told Flatland in March that the show had brought them tons of new customers and interest from the media. Of the Queer Eye crew, she said, "They gave me a whole other outlook on life. If no one else got anything out of it, I did."

Robert Hitchcock, Season 3 (2019)

After tying the knot with his now-wife Jamie at the end of his episode, Robert Hitchcock has continued to work on himself and make the most of his new community. As well as regularly attending QE family get-togethers, Robert and his daughter recently caught up with Antoni on his book tour. He's also visited the Jones sisters at Jones Bar-B-Q and saw Jess Guilbeux perform at The Jazzhous of Lawrence. The nurse's most impressive feat to date: his new JVN-inspired 'stash.

Jess Guilbeaux, Season 3 (2019)

Since her time on the show, Jess Guilbeaux has gained thousands of new fans of social media who have offered their support in more ways than one. After learning that Jess had to drop out of the University of Kansas, fans started a crowdfunding campaign to help her get back on her feet, and the campaign managed to surpass its goal to raise $100,000, helping Jess to pay off student loans and giving her the opportunity potentially reenroll.

As well as spending plenty of time with her girlfriend, Jess has also managed to maintain a relationship with her biological sister, whom she reconnected with thanks to Bobby and Karamo. "Connecting with her has just been my favorite part," Jess told CBS News in April. "She has become such like a huge piece of my foundation and my support system."

Rob Elrod, Season 3 (2019)

When widowed father of two Rob Elrod isn't spending quality time with his sons, he's connecting with his Queer Eye comrades. In Fall 2019, he met up with both Robert Hitchcock and Wesley Hamilton, and he even recently spent time with Bobby. He looks healthier and happier than ever, and as he told Refinery29 in March, he's been bartending and enjoying his "new house and new life."

Thomas Diggs, Season 3 (2019)

Though Thomas Diggs isn't terribly active on social media, it's clear that he's spent less time playing video games and more time enjoying life since his episode. Soon after his episode aired, he told Refinery29 that people have noticed a change in him — especially in his wardrobe. " . . . everyone wants to know where I got my clothes," he said, "and I get way more compliments on my appearance than I did before." He also joked that he "started eating more veggies, per Antoni's request!"

Tony Blanco, Season 3 (2019)

According to an Instagram post made by Tony Blanco's partner Bri in March, the former procrastinator has fully embraced his new role as father. "He got a new job," she said. "He was incredibly brave and willing to put himself out there for the world to see to become a better partner for me and to prepare for baby Rowan. He went from parenting just one sassy seven year old to a sassy seven year old plus a newborn, who I might add, is currently teething!" As well as having frequent double dates with Robert Hitchcock and his wife Jamie, Tony and Bri also recently met up with both Antoni and Jonathan.

Wesley Hamilton, Season 4 (2019)

Reformed bad boy Wesley Hamilton has done some incredible work since meeting the Fab Five and finally coming face-to-face with the man who left him paralyzed. Since filming Queer Eye, Wesley has worked to expand his company, Disabled But Not Really, partnering with a local gym to have a fully-inclusive section for adaptive athletes.

"They can just work out however they want to because everything's created for them," he explained to Refinery29 in July. "It gives these athletes the ability to gain confidence because now they come in and they don't have to ask for assistance." His next goal: building his own inclusive gym for disabled athletes who need assistance working out. He's also frequently in touch with the Fab Five and his new QE family.

John Stoner, Season 4 (2019)

John Stoner, who was formerly referred to as a "man child" by his daughter Lucy, has not only stepped up his grooming game — he's also become a much bigger supporter of Lucy's figure skating. As he told Refinery29 in July, he's now a "much better skating dad now for sure," though he admits that Lucy still does much of her own cooking (but at least now he keeps her company in the kitchen). He also made sure to catch JVN on his book tour along with other Queer Eye alums.

Kenny Yarnevich, Season 4 (2019)

Retired bachelor Kenny Yarnevich is still pretty new to Instagram, but he did post a picture of his reunion with JVN during his book tour. He also recently gave a shout-out to Tan France for helping him look snazzy for his niece's wedding. His pup, whom he named Fab in honor of the Fab Five, is now three years old and cute as ever.

Deanna Munoz, Season 4 (2019)

Queer Eye didn't just give Deanna Munoz a sophisticated new look — they also gave her newfound confidence. Since appearing on the show, Deanna founded the Latino Foundation for the Arts, a nonprofit that advocates, supports, and provides mentorship to the Kansas City artist community. In June, Deanna even gave a TEDxYouth talk about her experience being Chicano and channeling her passion into the Latino arts. She was also sure to meet up with Bobby on his book tour, as he gave her the office space that inspired her new foundation.

Brandonn Mixon, Season 4 (2019)

Since his Queer Eye experience, veteran Brandonn Mixon has been channeling his energy into the Veterans Community Project, which he co-founded to build homes for homeless vets. Their goal: to expand to eight cities by 2022. Besides fueling his passion for the VCP, the Fab Five also gave Brandonn more confidence in who he is and what he's capable of.

"The episode allowed me to break down my barriers and say, 'I do have an amazing family, I need to spend time with them,'" he explained to Refinery29 in July, later adding, "I feel sexy now. I feel like I'm a good looking dude and I can go out there and just kill it."