Hmm, We Suspect The Masked Singer's Flamingo and Black Widow Go WAY Back . . .

The wildly popular hit Fox reality competition show The Masked Singer is back for it's second season, and it just as whacky as ever. The costumes are even more vibrant and the guesses are equally as crazy. Now, a few weeks into the new season, we've already seen five celebrities unmasked — figure skater Johnny Weir, YouTube star Ninja, boxer Laila Ali, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and singer Paul Shaffer — with many more still to go.

With 11 celebrities remaining, two very prominent guesses have Twitter buzzing with theories. Could a Cheetah Girls reunion be happening on the show this season? Many fans think actress and singer Raven-Symoné and Adrienne Bailon, host of daytime talk show The Real, are current contenders on the Fox competition series.

Both with impressive vocal chops and fierce dance moves, it's very plausible. Symoné and Bailon starred together in Disney's Cheetah Girls franchise, making for one supernostalgic reunion. Could these two really be competing against one another this season? Read on to see the clues and fan theories that leads us to believe these masked singers are together again on the small screen.

Black Widow: The Clues and What We Know So Far

Black Widow: The Clues and What We Know So Far

The Black Widow doesn't seem to be fooling fans. These clues clearly hint at Raven-Symoné being behind this mask.

  • Hide in Plain Sight: While Raven has never been shy to the limelight, she kept her sexuality under wraps for quite sometime before coming out in an interview with Oprah in 2014. Could "hiding" be a nod to her time in the closet?
  • I've Been Packaged My Entire Life: Raven's first breakout role was on the wholesome family series, The Cosby Show, before landing her prime role on the Disney Channel in That's So Raven and later The Cheetah Girls. She even shared with the LA Times her struggles with fame and Hollywood, living life on a "tight rope."
  • Sagittarius: In the first clue package, we see a Sagittarius sign. Raven's birthday is Dec. 10, making her a Sagittarius!
  • After Years of Living in the Public Eye, You're in My House Now: Raven left The View in 2016 to reboot her classic Disney Channel show, now called Raven's Home.
  • The Peach: We see peach artwork in the background of Black Widow's clue packages. Unless this is a Real Housewife of Atlanta, the peach is another dead giveaway! Not only is Raven from Georgia, but she also starred in the short-lived series, The State of Georgia, the home of the peach!
  • Welcome to My Empire: Raven had a recurring role on Fox's Empire, playing Olivia Lyon, ex-wife to Jamal Lyon (played Jussie Smollett).
  • Queen Bee: We see a mention of Black Widow's "Queen Bee" on an action clapper in the first clue package. In 2015, Raven came under fire with Beyoncé's fandom for saying Lil' Kim was her "queen bee." This left many Beyoncé fans flooding Raven's social media comments with bumble-bee emojis. Is she taking back the title?
  • Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards: Raven's character on That's So Raven is psychic and can see the future. We can already predict who's under this mask.
  • I've Had to Embody a Squeaky-Clean Image: That's So Raven was a Disney Channel staple. Disney has quite a reputation for keeping its stars squeaky clean. Black Widow also notes that now she's "edgier" and "darker." Raven's fashion sense definitely seems to model a more edgy look over the years.
  • Cheetah Print: We see flashes of cheetah print in the second clue packages. Looks like something a Cheetah Girl would wear!
  • Platinum Record: We see a platinum record, as Black Widow mentions her "amazing career." The Cheetah Girls have two platinum records and Raven's That's So Raven soundtrack earned a gold record. Sounds pretty "amazing!"
  • All You Know For Sure About Me Is My Voice and My Badonkadonk: Definitely sounds like something Raven would say! And Black Widow's voice is surely one of a seasoned songstress.
Flamingo: The Clues and What We Know So Far

Flamingo: The Clues and What We Know So Far

The Flamingo clue packages have made for quite a convincing case that this hip-swaying bird is none other than Mrs. Adrienne Bailon Houghton. We decoded the biggest clues ahead.

  • Went From Hoodrat to Hollywood Triple Threat: Adrienne grew up in the Lower East Side of New York before moving west. She is also a former member for the girl group 3LW — a strong contender of the "triple threat" the Flamingo is referring to. Or, it could be Adrienne's multihyphenated career as a singer, actress, and now talk-show host. Plus, the apple she's holding in the clue packages definitely seems to indicate it might relate to Bailon's upbringing in the Big Apple.
  • I Was Discovered by a Powerful Wizard: Like, Ricky Martin? Adrienne was discovered by Martin back in the day, even touring as his backup singer.
  • Welcome to My Zoo-Tube Channel: Adrienne's popular YouTube channel, which boasts over 830k subscribers, tackles everything from beauty to life advice. It's called "All Things Adrienne," which sounds a lot like "Birds the Word." She also mentions a love for mascara — similar to Adrienne's love of makeup.
  • I Know What It's Like to Feel Trapped in Your Career: Another possible nod at the former Disney star life? Or, possibly for her brief-but-memorable appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, when Adrienne dated Rob Kardashian. She's recently opened up about still not being able to avoid questions about their short-lived romance.
  • Ready to Take Control of My Destiny:As judge Ken Jeong put it, it's possible hint at another hit vocal group, Destiny's Child. Or could this be The Masked Singer producers trying to throw us off her trail?
  • It's Your Chica Flam Flam: In the second clue package of the season, the Flamingo introduces herself as "your chica Flam Flam," possibly hinting at her Latin roots? Bailon is of Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian heritage.
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Black Widow Performs "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood

That vocal range sounds oddly familiar.

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Black Widow Performs "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston

Interestingly enough, Whitney Houston actually produced Disney's The Cheetah Girls.

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Flamingo Performs "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins

That voice and those dance moves definitely resemble a Cheetah Girl, for sure.

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Flamingo Performs "Sucker" by Jonas Brothers

Adrienne Bailon actually goes way back with the Jonas Brothers. They even opened for The Cheetah Girls back in the day. Coincidence? We think not.