So, Uh, Who Exactly Is Revian on Bachelor in Paradise? We Have Answers

No, you're not the only one who didn't recognize Revian Chang when she showed up to Bachelor in Paradise. Pretty much the entire cast and all of Bachelor Nation were puzzled as she walked down the steps of Playa Escondida Resort to meet everyone (see: to learn that pretty much everyone was coupled up already, save for a heartbroken Connor Saeli, whom she chose for her one-on-one date).

So, who exactly is the Paradise newcomer? Well, for starters, Revian was on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, and back then, she had blond hair, which likely explains the whole no-one-knowing-who-the-heck-she-is thing. Her limo entrance involved telling Colton he's a "stud muffin" in Mandarin, but apparently that wasn't enough to make a lasting impression, as she was sent home on the first night.

A 25-year-old Texas native, Revian currently resides in Santa Monica, where she's a nurse for Dr. Simon Ourian, aka the Kardashian family's go-to cosmetic surgeon. From what we can tell after lurking on her Instagram (@revianchang, in case you want to give her a follow), she's a big traveler and enjoys attending music festivals, although we cannot confirm whether she was one of the countless Bachelor alums at Stagecoach this past year.

Revian may have showed up to Paradise a bit late, but hey, she did share a smooch with Connor, so we're certainly excited to see how things pan out for her (and to see just how long it takes Matt Donald to correctly pronounce her name). In the meantime, you can find us admiring her gorgeous Instagram photos ahead.