Meet Micheal Ward, the Top Boy Actor Set to Take Over Our Screens

If you haven't heard of Jamaican-born Micheal Ward, you're about to, because the up-and-coming actor is set to do big things. Raised in Essex from the age of 4, Ward is most recognizable for his portrayal of Jamie in season three of Top Boy, which was released on Netflix earlier this year after it was commissioned by producer Drake. Landing the leading gig was a dream come true for Ward, who grew up watching the first two seasons of the show and originally auditioned for the smaller role of Jamie's brother.

Since Top Boy began streaming, he starred in Blue Story, a movie about two friends who turn against each other when they join rival street gangs. The film made headlines in the UK this month when it was controversially banned for a short time from a selection of theaters after a brawl erupted amongst youths in Birmingham at a cinema where the film was playing. Ward clapped back, celebrating the film's success as the "highest-grossing UK urban film within its three-day opening weekend, despite losing almost half our screens." Starring in two major productions in just one year proves Ward is one to watch. Scroll through to get to know more about Britain's next best thing — because you'd better bet he's coming to take over the US next.

Micheal Ward Started His Career as a Model

Born in Jamaica and raised in Romford, Essex, Micheal got his big break when he won a modelling competition to be the face of JD Sports at age 17. "It was insane," he told NME. "I just felt proper young and I was there with all these guys around me who were like six foot plus, crazy tall. I literally felt like a kid."

Macbeth Is the Reason Micheal Ward Wanted to Become an Actor

Originally interested in pursuing a career in football, Micheal explained to NME that the reason he became serious about acting was because of Shakespeare's Macbeth. "We did a modern version at school and I was playing Macduff. It just really sparked something in me: I loved it!"

Top Boy Was Micheal Ward's Dream Role

After admitting to being a huge Top Boy fan when he was growing up, Micheal told NME in November that playing Jamie was his dream role. "I spent eight months filming it and then on the last day of filming, when I realized it was all over, I just started crying. The emotion came over me, I was so proud of what we'd made, of myself, and knowing that my family — and the world — were about to see what I'd just done."

Micheal Ward Was Then Drawn to Blue Story

"Obviously when I read it, it spoke to me straight away," Micheal told BT of Blue Story. "Initially it wasn't something that I wanted to do because I was afraid of how similar it was to my other role," he said, comparing his role of Marco to that of Jamie in Top Boy. After accepting the role, the actor realized the two characters couldn't be more different.

Micheal Ward Wants to Focus on Telling Important Stories Through Acting

After starring in Top Boy and Blue Story, Micheal Ward has discovered that his passion lies in dramas that reflect real life. "I'd love to do some Marvel or Star Wars stuff," he told The Guardian. "But I want to tell important stories. Ones that help people understand different walks of life."

Micheal Ward Plans on Cracking the US Market Next

On the back of his initial success, Micheal Ward has his sights set on America. "It's one thousand percent what I'm aiming at," he told NME. In regard to his plans for the immediate future, he added, "I'm hoping we'll get confirmation of Top Boy series four soon. But other than that, who knows what the future holds?" See you soon, Micheal!