Blood & Water: The Actor Who Plays Sam Is New to the Show and the Industry

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After much anticipation, Netflix's South African drama Blood & Water is back for its second season! Joining season one cast favorites like Ama Qamata (Puleng Khumalo) and Khosi Ngema (Fikile Bhele) is newcomer Leroy Siyafa, who is set to play Sam, the new kid in town who's been teased as a fiery love interest who's sure to shake things up within the Parkhurst crew.

Similar to his character Sam, Siyafa is also a newcomer to the entertainment industry. Blood & Water is the South African native's first TV role, although he has modeled and participated in school theater productions before. "In my last year [of high school] I was given a role to be the lead of a school musical, called District Six the Musical," Siyafa told POPSUGAR. "And it's through that performance that I fell in love with acting and realized I wanted to be an actor."

Although he dreamed of being an actor, Siyafa decided to study IT at university and pursue a career in tech. He did, however, sign with a modeling agency with the hope of eventually transitioning into acting. "I guess you could say acting found me, and I didn't go and look for it, really," Siyafa said, sharing the unexpected moment that Blood & Water came into his life. "I received a call telling me I've got an audition for Blood & Water and then the rest of my life changed."

In the season two trailer from Netflix, Siyafa's character Sam is seen arriving at Parkhurst on a motorcycle, donning a leather jacket and quick wit. He quickly sets his sights on Fikile, sparking a flirty connection that's sure to make for an interesting subplot.

Beyond the love stories, season two of Blood & Water features Puleng and Fikile uncovering secrets and navigating the repercussions of their findings from the previous season. Prepare to be wrapped in a mysterious and suspenseful drama as season two of Blood & Water gets underway Sept. 24.