Will We See More Fear Street Movies? The Possibility Looks Stronger Than Shadyside's Curse

After three weekly installations full of terrifying twists and turns, the long-anticipated Fear Street event has come to a spooky and satisfying end — but is it really the end? With every wildly successful Netflix project, we find ourselves asking, will there be a sequel? There's no official green light for a follow-up movie yet, but the chances for one look as strong as the 300-year-old Shadyside curse.

How Fear Street Part 3: 1666 Ends

Let's first look at how the trilogy ends on a note that leaves the door open for a sequel. Long story short, Deena has a vision as Sarah Fier and discovers what's been ailing Shadyside for three centuries: The Goode family making a deal with the devil and setting serial killers on the loose since 1666. After trapping the Shadyside killers in the mall, Deena kills Nick by stabbing him in the eye and breaks the curse — or so we think anyway. The trilogy ends with a brighter future for Shadyside, and Nick becomes the primary suspect in the serial killer case.

That said, the credits certainly leave room for interpretation. In the middle of the credits, we see a mysterious hand reach out for Solomon Goode's spell book at the crime scene. Could it just be some detective working on the case? Sure. But it could be someone else in the Goode family, perhaps Mayor Will Goode, with more sinister occult plans on their mind. Though, if Scream has taught us anything, it's that everybody is a suspect, even those who seem innocent. Who knows, the hand may even belong to Ziggy, Deena, or the cute girl who signs Josh's cast. There's no doubt that we could get a sequel trilogy based on this short clip alone.

What the Cast and Crew Has to Say About a Follow-Up Movie

According to a few interviews with the cast and crew, a follow-up movie is definitely a possibility. Director Leigh Janiak herself said in an interview with Collider that she and her team "have ideas" about future movies. Additionally, Kiana Madeira, who plays Deena, also said in an interview with Newsweek, "I would love to see more Fear Street films. I feel like there's so many things that can be done in this universe, or outside Shadyside and the Fear Street universe. I think there's over 50 Fear Street books, so there's so much room for development on screen. And absolutely, I would love to do more." While the trilogy itself isn't based on R.L. Stine's original series verbatim, it certainly draws inspiration from it and would provide a well of new plot ideas come time for a sequel!