Always and Forever: Young Peter and Lara Jean Have a Sweet Connection to The Baby-Sitters Club

Long before Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey were making college plans, they were kids growing up together. We don't get many glimpses of their life before high school in the Netflix movies, but in To All the Boys: Always and Forever fans are blessed with a small flashback to their middle school days. This sweet moment shows where the story of Peter and LJ started, but who actually played the younger versions of the characters we know and love? Turns out, both actors came from another beloved Netflix project: The Baby-Sitters Club.

Momona Tamada and Rian McCririck stepped into Lara Jean's and Peter's shoes for the final To All the Boys installment, which premiered on Feb. 12. "So happy I got a small role on this project and got to meet the author of this incredible book turned movie," McCririck wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of him and Tamada with author Jenny Han. When Tamada and McCririck aren't playing the young Covey and Kavinsky, they're bringing Claudia Kishi and Logan Bruno to life. There's just something special about these onscreen projects that start as books, isn't there? Can't wait till we see more of these two when The Baby-Sitters Club's second season hits Netflix (hopefully) sometime soon.