Intrigued by Netflix's New Sci-Fi Show Zero? Get to Know More About the Cast

The latest international show to make waves on Netflix is Zero, an Italian sci-fi drama about a young man who tries to use his powers of invisibility to help his community stand up to a corrupt, double-dealing real estate developer. As with many of Netflix's international hits, there's a good chance that the show is your first introduction to the talented cast, but there's plenty to learn about all of them!

If you're already hooked on Zero, then you definitely should check out where else you can find the cast's previous projects. Here's what you should know about each of the show's main cast members and what they've done before.

Giuseppe David Seke as Omar

Seke plays Omar, aka the "Zero" of the title, a cartoonist who moves to Milan and uncovers the corruption of a local real estate tycoon. Zero uses his superpowers — invisibility — to try to help his new community set things right. This is Seke's first major TV role.

Virginia Diop as Awa
Getty | Franco Origlia

Virginia Diop as Awa

Diop costars as Awa, Omar's vision-impaired sister whose loss of vision seems mysteriously linked to his use of his powers. Zero marks Diop's first TV role, but not her screen debut: she also starred in the 2019 movie Bar Joseph.

Beatrice Grannò as Anna
Getty | Stefania D'Alessandro

Beatrice Grannò as Anna

Grannò plays Anna, a young architect who begins dating Omar, only for her connection to a corrupt real estate developer to be revealed. The actress has several credits, mostly in Italian productions, including the movies Wonder When You'll Miss Me and Tornare.

Haroun Fall as Shariff

Fall, who plays Omar's rival-turned-friend Shariff, is also making his TV debut with Zero. Before this, he was in a 2018 Italian movie, Arrivano i prof, and a handful of short films.

Daniela Scattolin as Sara

This isn't the first TV role for Scattolin, who plays Sara, part of Shariff's crew in the Milanese barrio. She appeared in the 2019 Italian series L'Ora — Inchiostro contro piombo.

Dylan Magon as Momo

Magon, who is among the cast members making his TV debut here, plays Momo, the resident prankster in Shariff's crew. As well as being an actor, Magon is also a singer and rapper.

Roberta Mattei as The Virgin
Getty | Rosdiana Ciaravolo

Roberta Mattei as The Virgin

As the mysterious, unnamed "The Virgin," Mattei plays one of the most intriguing and powerful characters in Zero. She's one of the more experienced actors in the cast, with roles dating back to 2006, when she appeared in the TV series Sweet India. Other credits include Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem, Italian Race, and the upcoming horror series Anna.

Madior Fall as Inno
Getty | Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Madior Fall as Inno

Fall, a model making his TV debut in Zero, plays Inno, a soccer player and would-be singer who is part of Shariff's crew and is seeking citizenship in Italy.