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Ali Fedotowsky Quotes About Motherhood Challenges

Ali Fedotowsky and Her Husband Aren't Sleeping in the Same Bed For the Most Relatable Reason

When public figures are asked how their lives are going in an interview, they can easily respond with a cookie-cutter, polished statement about how amazing everything is . . . or they can be honest and remind their viewers that they're human just like the rest of us. Ali Fedotowsky took the honest route at a recent red-carpet event for Hallmark, and her candid quotes about motherhood are truly refreshing and welcome.

Ali, a former Bachelorette, is mom to two little ones: she and her husband, Kevin Manno, have a 2-year-old daughter named Molly and a 2-month-old son named Riley. And — surprise — it's exhausting. "Life is really hard right now," Ali told Entertainment Tonight with a smile. "I wish someone told me how much harder two was!" One of the biggest takeaways from parenting a toddler and a baby is that it affects your relationship with your spouse in a whole new way. Ali admitted that because of work schedules and sleep prioritization, she and her husband haven't slept in the same bed in two months.

"He does a morning radio show really early and I need him to get a good sleep. Even on weekends, when he's not doing the show, I need him to get a good sleep so he can wake up with Molly so I can get a few extra hours of sleep," she said. "It's a lot. Our relationship suffers. I'd love to say, 'Oh, yeah, me and my husband are passionately making out on the side with our two kids,' but I'm not even sure I've made out with my husband in a really long time."

It's all about perspective and knowing that things won't always be quite so hectic. Ali said, "We love each other so much. We know that this is a time where the kids are coming first and we are going to have to eventually put our relationship first. And we will, but we're in the thick of it [now]." As for finding a minute or an hour to herself right now? "I don't," Ali admitted. Finding time for self-care as a mom is undeniably a challenge. So just remember, mamas: even when a celebrity's Instagram is flooded with bright, pretty images of smiling kids, there's a relatable, sleep-deprived mom behind them.

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