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Always's New Like a Girl Ad on Failure

Always's Latest #LikeAGirl Ad Encourages Girls to "Keep Failing"

Always is back at it again, churning out another inspirational ad that target girls — especially those who are going through puberty. And the company's latest creation for its #LikeAGirl campaign on why young women shouldn't be afraid of failure doesn't disappoint.

The advertisement, called "Keep Going," reminds young women that even though the fear of making a mistake can be overwhelming at times, it shouldn't hold you back when it comes to trying something new — whether it's going for a loose ball on the soccer field or taking on a huge science project for the first time.

And according to the segment, it's during puberty when the fear of failure can be especially "paralyzing for young girls."

The ad, which has racked up more than three million views on YouTube, conveys the powerful message that failure isn't a setback but a sign of progress. And the more you fail, the more you'll have fuel to grow.

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