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Amy Schumer Wearing Fake Baby Bump on Late Night March 2019

Amy Schumer, Actually Pregnant, Wore a Comically Large Baby Bump on Late Night

In case you hadn't heard, Amy Schumer is pregnant. The comedian made the fact extremely clear, however, when she joined Seth Meyers on Late Night. In one of the best recent displays of physical comedy, Amy portrayed a stereotypical pregnant woman as she waltzed out in a flowing maxi dress, uncomfortably shifted around in her seat, and cradled her baby bump all along the way. Oh, and that bump was fake — or, rather, placed over her real bump.

Amy has been candid about her pregnancy, and made it a major topic of her Netflix special, Growing. In this recent interview with Seth, she spoke about how "tough" her pregnancy has been after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. "I didn't know that pregnancies could be such a bummer," Amy said. Fortunately, she's still managed to find the humor in it all. Watch her hilarious bit above.

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