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Apology Letters From Santa For Hatchimals

Parents Are Writing "Apologies" From Santa Due to the Clusterf*ck That Is the Hatchimals Craze

Looking for a Hatchimal for your little one for Christmas. Keep this letter from Santa handy just in case! ------- Be...

Posted by CrazyCoups on Friday, November 18, 2016

The craze over Hatchimals right before the holiday season is what every toy company dreams of, but it turns out that Spin Master didn't exactly plan for this much success — the eggs are out of stock at every toy store and being sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Now parents are trying to figure out what to say to their kids once they discover a lack of wrapped-up speckled eggs under the tree on Christmas morning.

For some parents, this is a no-brainer situation requiring a short (albeit difficult, because kids . . .) conversation about how gifting works whether their kids believe in Santa or not. Santa's "magic" doesn't mean he needs to bring every child every gift they asked for — especially when their Christmas list is just a regurgitated toy catalog — and a parent definitely doesn't need to justify choosing not to indulge their child's every wish (even in situations like this when it's not so much a choice, but a matter of supply and demand).

However, other parents are struggling with a way to deliver the news so much that there are "letters from Santa" circulating the internet explaining and apologizing for this Hatchimals fiasco to soon-to-be disappointed children. "Looking for a Hatchimal for your little one for Christmas? Keep this letter from Santa handy just in case!" reads the caption of one such letter posted to the Facebook page, which claims it's "From the desk of Santa Claus."

Mrs. Claus and I understand you asked for a Hatchimal for Christmas. We are patiently awaiting the eggs' arrivals, expected in January. Upon the egg being laid an elf will deliver the Hatchimal to your home. Please be patient with the egg-laying process, you will get your special Hatchimal egg as soon as it's been laid!

Do you think children should receive an "apology" from Santa for not getting a gift they wanted?
Yes, it helps to prepare kids so that they're not upset on Christmas.
No, the situation can be explained without giving Santa so much "power."
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