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Baby Items You Really Should Register For

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Getting your baby registry right is key to fewer sleepless nights, more smiles, and no regrets. We've partnered with Target to make it easy.

Creating a baby registry is exciting, but it's hard to know exactly what you're going to need for this crazy motherhood ride before it has even begun. Diapers, sure, but how many is too many? (Spoiler: there's no such thing.) If you plan on breastfeeding, do you even need formula? And which magical carrier frees up your hands but doesn't kill your back?

There's no better authority on these and other registry questions than moms who have seen a thing or two and also learned from their fellow mom friends postbaby. They know what will stay in the box, what you'll be running to the store for at 3 a.m., and what unexpected godsends will make life a whole lot easier.

To give you a jump on this lifelong learning curve called motherhood, we asked some real-life moms — and a dad — to tell us what would top their lists in a registry do-over.

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