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Baby Names That Mean Miracle

40 Baby Names That Mean Miracle

For parents, especially ones that try so hard to have a baby, babies are real-life miracles. If you want to honor your little one by giving them a name with a similar meaning there are plenty of lovely options. Scroll through to see names that mean "miracle" or are inspired by the word "miracle," and then take a look at our list of baby names that mean love.

Boys' Names

  • Aaron: miraculous
  • Asher: blessing
  • Baruch: blessed
  • Benedict: blessing
  • Bennett: blessing
  • Boone: a blessing
  • Darko: gift
  • Ejaz: miraculous
  • Jesse: gift
  • Karsten: one who is blessed
  • Keitaro: blessed
  • Loretto: miraculous
  • Matthew: gift from God
  • Milagro: miracle
  • Neo: gift
  • Seliq: blessed
  • Thaddeus: gift from God
  • Theodore: gift
  • Venedictos: blessed
  • Zelig: blessing

Girls' Names

  • Alazne: miracle
  • Annie: blessed
  • Atara: blessed
  • Ayah: miracle
  • Bea: blessed
  • Beatrix: blessed
  • Desiree: hoped for
  • Dorothea: gift from God
  • Gwyneth: blessed
  • Iva: gift from God
  • Jahzara: blessed princess
  • Karishma: miracle
  • Macaria: blessed
  • Marvella: miracle
  • Micaela: gift from God
  • Mikelle: gift from God
  • Mirai: miracle
  • Mirielle: miraculous
  • Pelia: miracle of God
  • Sachi: blessed
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