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Baby Shark Halloween Sharks Song

This Halloween Version of "Baby Shark" Actually Isn't Nearly as Annoying as the Original

Halloween, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! Baby Shark is ready for the spooky season, and the Halloween version of the song is honestly the best one we've heard. Accompanying the much slower song, "Halloween Sharks" is an adorable music video featuring Baby Shark as a ghost, Mommy Shark as a witch, Daddy Shark as a vampire, and the rest of the crew in their own costumes. If your child has been obsessed with "Baby Shark" since it went viral, take a bit of comfort in knowing that this Halloween version is truly less annoying than the original, so from now until Nov. 1, you should have less of a "Baby Shark"-induced headache. Alexa, play "Halloween Sharks," please!

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