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Biggest Parenting Challenges

26 of the Most Difficult Parenting Challenges

Raising kids isn't easy — there's no instruction manual attached to a newborn to help guide the way, so every mom and dad handles parenting differently. We were curious to know what others have found to be the hardest thing to deal with, so we asked real parents, "What is the most difficult parenting challenge you have faced so far?" and the answers we got varied from struggles during the baby stages straight through to dealing with adult children — no matter your personal parenting Everest, know that we're all in the trenches together!

  1. "Toddler temper tantrums!" — Nicole
  2. "My beautiful daughter being bullied." — Michelle
  3. "Wiping warm vomit off the floor at 2am." — Shawn Marie
  4. "Putting my twins to sleep." — Beenish
  5. "Saying goodbye at college and trying to drive home with tears in my eyes. Knowing she would grow and succeed, but also knowing she would probably never live at home again." — Deborah
  6. "Maintaining good behavior when outsiders don't follow through on any rules i have set." — Kendra
  7. "Ugh. Potty training!" — Carrie
  8. "The teenager-knowing-everything stage!" — Claudia
  9. "Allowing [kids] to make their mistakes." — Joni
  10. "Parenting a child who has autism. It's hard work!" — Catherine
  11. "Two sets of twins" — Chris
  12. "Allowing them to be themselves, while steering them in the right direction to be good people/citizens." — Mary Beth
  13. "Having a toddler, and being pregnant with baby number two!" — Izzy
  14. "Keeping them safe!" — Mary Ann
  15. "Going against [my] family's parenting advice." — Maura
  16. "Having children with severe food allergies." — Devon
  17. "Discipline/consistency/being on same page as my significant other." — Jamie
  18. "Trying to get my daughter to eat something besides milk." — Mandy
  19. "Helping my son cope with the loss of his best friend who tragically passed away." — Amber
  20. "Co-parenting with difficult people." — Stephanie
  21. "Teenagers with strong wills. Sometimes they don't let you know what's really going on with them. Hardest part is feeling like you failed and wishing you could've done more, been a better parent." — Sahmie
  22. "Grandparents." — Katherine
  23. "Trying to prove to both children you love them the same and equally." — Debra
  24. "Letting go a little so they can grow up and become their own self." — Jennifer
  25. "Age three." — Kristin

And finally, maybe what we're all thinking . . .

  1. "All of it." — Carolyn
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