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Books That Explain Menstruation

9 Books That Explain Menstruation Better Than Mom

Your little girl is becoming a young lady, which means menstruation, mood swings, and more questions than you can answer. While it's important to talk her through the changes, it's always nice to have some help with the big questions. These books can make talking about menstruation a little easier (and a lot less awkward) for you and your daughter.

The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book For Younger Girls

Care and Keeping
From the beloved American Girl brand, The Care and Keeping Of You ($13) teaches girls about the changes they will face in the next few years. With topics ranging from hair care, healthy habits, and her first period, this book will ease your daughter into the teen years.

Ready, Set, Grow: A "What's Happening to My Body?" Book For Younger Girls

Ready Set Grow
Ready, Set, Grow ($13) teaches young ladies that these changes should be celebrated not feared. Combining humor and facts, this book tackles puberty in a way that most moms can't.

The Period Pocketbook: Honest Answers With Advice From Real Girls

Period Pocket book
Even if you talk your daughter through the changes, you may not be there when she really needs the help. Easy to carry and even easier to understand, The Period Pocketbook ($4) is the ideal guide-on-the-go.

Check out other reads for that time of the month.

The Body Book (The Lily Series)

Lily Series
Unlike most puberty books, The Body Book (The Lily Series) ($10) takes a look at changes from a biological and biblical perspective. Girls with a strong Christian faith will love the facts and fun quizzes featured in this book.

The Girl's Body Book: Everything You Need to Know For Growing Up You

Girls Body Book
The Girl's Body Book ($12) helps girls through puberty and beyond. In addition to describing the dreaded period, the authors offer advice on handling high school mean girls, finding a part-time job, and planning their perfect future.

American Medical Association Girl's Guide to Becoming a Teen

AMA Girls Guide
Some explanations are best left to the experts. Written by the American Medical Association, Girl's Guide to Becoming a Teen ($15) teaches girls what to expect as they grow and how to tackle those changes. In addition to the physical changes (hello pimples!), the AMA talks about her evolving feelings towards the opposite sex.

Don't Cramp My Style: Stories About "That" Time of the Month

Don't Cramp My Style
Not every book has to be so scientific. Don't Cramp My Style ($15) shares 12 unique stories about that time of the month, from a funny race to find a tampon to an all-too-common pregnancy scare.

Growing Up: It's a Girl Thing

Growing Up
Growing Up: It's a Girl Thing ($12) takes a big-sister approach to the period talk. Written in a sensitive and understanding tone, it teaches girls what will happen when they get their monthly visitor and offers tips on how to deal with it.

The Care and Keeping of You 2: The Body Book For Older Girls

Care and Keeping 2
If The Care and Keeping of You left your daughter with some questions, sit her down with the sequel. Like it's predecessor, The Care and Keeping of You 2 ($13) covers the topic of growing up in great detail without being graphic. This second edition takes a deeper look at the physical and emotional changes she'll face as she enters adulthood.

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